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update query taking long time mysql Jan 04 2019 A bulk update is an expensive operation in terms of query cost because it takes more resources for the single update operation. Next I try to perform basic SQL operations SELECT INSERT UPDATE and DELETE on the world database. frm files. The query update alltranscur a inner join acctnumcust d on a. 7 which is EXPLAIN FOR CONNECTION. This helps MySQL free the table locks early and helps in cases where it takes a long time to send the result set to the client. The short connection means that the connection is broken every time a few queries are executed and a new connection is rebuilt in the next query. If that s not sufficient then use the SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST command to get the complete query information. With a key in a joined table it sometimes returns data quickly and other times takes unbelievable time. Refresh Power Query taking too long. Display the structure of selected table. atomic for In addition to replace SQLite MySQL and Postgresql provide an ignore nbsp 13 Apr 2020 In Azure Database for MySQL the slow query log is available to users. A table has 20 lakh records and has 110 columns. 2020 06 22T00 42 47 07 00. 5. MySqlConnection. setup_consumers SET ENABLED 39 YES 39 . May 12 2020 Restoring a MySQL database using mysqldump is simple. I was using this solution many times to simulate a long running query without changing the application logic to check how the application behaves There 39 s no way that query should take a long time if id is really the primary key unless you have lots and lots of ids equal to 2229230 . Thank you and good luck. acctNum set a. By organizing the data a particular way indexes help reduce the amount of scanning MySQL does for each query. I m running version 7. 5 The Slow Query Log . The total rows are on the order of 6K for the table and perhaps 2 300 will end up being deleted. Dec 30 2019 Guide to Asking Slow Query Questions. mysql_affected_rows Get number of affected rows in previous MySQL ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE quot queries the return value will be 1 if an insert was to insert several rows at a time and some are inserted some are just updated you nbsp In some database systems including MySQL query statements in must end in With time though a setup like this can become cumbersome and difficult to scale . The LOW_PRIORITY modifier instructs the UPDATE statement to delay the update until there is no connection reading data from the table. hardware software setup. MySQL Date Query issue how to convert timestamp value to string in MySql date modulo Grouping by hour day weekday week month and year date range Query taking a lot of time if there is no record in table date reformat Casting Varchar to a date datetime Time series database design Calculating TIME ELAPSED SINCE in days OR hours OR MySQL Workbench includes various tools for both DBAs and Developers related to viewing and improving performance. Feb 04 2016 In this post I am sharing a new feature of MySQL 5. Website Design. Apr 19 2018 Description After upgrading to MySQL 5. 596 Posts. Data reference. The MySQL slow query log contains information about queries that take a long time to execute see Section 5. Also long running updates can cause blocking issues for other processes. This option is disabled by default. Stem Count Aug 22 2017 Hi I have a big query which has an IS NULL where statement that causes it to be slow. key LocalServerTable . update mysql update oracle update query in mysql update query mysql update set mysql update sql update sql user password update sqlaclehmy sqlalchemy. The update log is saved in the MySQL database directory with the name your hostname. when i give the update command it takes one hrs. b SET table1. Reply. It is a MySQL extension to ANSI SQL92. The index can always be created once the update completes. SQL Query execute too long time Inserting Data to temporary table in stored procedure taking too long time to execute in mysql Hey I am trying to develop a stats plugin for my server where when a player types stats it opens a GUI and shows the player 39 s stats which are stored in a MySQL database accessed throughout the network. re stored procedure calling another database Re Newbie MYSQL nested query Feb 26 2016 During performance troubleshooting it can be helpful to know which queries are taking a long time to return a result. The UPDATE clause can be used to update one or more properties of an one or more objects. Execute inputted query string and display the result. When you do another query Oracle needs to build a new temporary index which is why it takes that long for every query. What they meant is that MySQL did not comply with the four conditions to which transactions need to adhere in order to ensure data integrity. Additionally the service state is changed to quot Stop Pending quot and you cannot restart the SQL Server service. 33 and have an update query that is running quite slowly and I don 39 t understand why. See the previous Aug 26 2020 MySQL has built in functionality to capture slow query log or identify queries that are not optimal and take a long time to finish which allows you to log all slow running queries which took over defined number of seconds to execute by MySQL database engine to a file. Anyway thank you for your answer and help. the last left join takes approx more than 4 mins I really dont understand where is the problem as 1st and 2nd query executes fast. In any given week some 50 of the questions on postgresql IRC and 75 on pgsql performance are requests for help with a slow query. mysql_db_query was deprecated a long time ago and the converter is not handling the if statement properly. Solution Those and some other operations will actually provide a percentage of completion metric that can then be extrapolated based upon the performance to date to determine Oct 30 2011 I had this same problem for a long time. Weblance middot ambalaonline1. So restarting MySQL involves two slow stages. And mysqladmin processlist v showed a sleep command in the query. This MySQL tutorial explains how to use the MySQL BETWEEN condition with syntax and examples. I have mysql database with 24K rows. I have two tables there are 35 908 rows in alltranscur and there are 86 103 rows in acctnumcust. I don 39 t know why it is taking so much time even index is created on that particular field. When the user selects many checkboxes in each group it takes too long for the sql query to execute. 4326 Jan 03 2018 The query is a delete query from a reporting table and it occurs at the end of a more complicated stored procedure that populates that same table. Yes nbsp . To make this easier you can use the mysqldumpslow command to process a slow query log file and summarize its contents. com I have a MySQL UPDATE query which takes a long time to complete. 7 it 39 s taking approx 3 minutes. It requires a database in MySQL and PHP code with update query. In this example Azure Database for MySQL spent 53 minutes flushing the slog query log 44579 times. Its been 20 minutes now and the query is still running. Take a By default when the slow query log is enabled it logs any query that takes longer than 10 seconds to run. mysql gt OPTIMIZE TABLE This operation internally copies the whole table and therefore can take a long time Jan 23 2019 The query cache is so problematic that it was deprecated in MySQL 5. May 15 2012 From time to time it may be normal to see a database thread that was killed but didn 39 t die immediately or a query that can 39 t seem to end. The same query takes 14 18 seconds when there isn t any index on col1. Aug 21 2018 Status query is now 24ms which is 65 times faster than in the start. PHP Forums on Bytes. 28 Mar 2019 Why a Query Takes Longer Time middot Inefficient query Use non indexed columns while lookup or joining thus MySQL takes longer time to match nbsp Not sure what indexing means here but if you 39 re adding a ton of indexes to a table that doesn 39 t already have them and comparing the time for bulk INSERT and nbsp 3 Oct 2018 This article takes a look at a tutorial that explains how to optimize your MySQL up more space and decrease performance on inserts deletes and updates. There was also an index on the Time field. save and Model. The query optimizer uses them to create query plans that improve query performance. 31 sec Rows matched 1 Changed 0 Warnings 0. Re Tableau takes a long time to execute a query Tim Daunch Feb 16 2018 12 50 PM in response to Amit K There is a common misperception among BI tools Tableau included that quot lt name of BI tool gt is taking a long time to run a query quot . Nov 30 2013 A simple update query taking long time. Sep 20 2017 long_query_time 1 After enabling slow query mysqld writes a statement to the slow query log file and it consists of all SQL statements that took more than long_query_time seconds to execute. table . If the customer does not have a proper monitoring tool or the slow query log enabled if long_query_time 2 you already missed a lot of queries you first have to start collecting queries and metrics from the server. I am executing it on an idle labs replica under root user to see how long it takes to actually finish on a non loaded host. If we already know we are rebuilding indexes then we are already updating index statistics. Posted 20 Feb nbsp Alright after doing some testing I found that MySql Connector that devart provides much faster then found on MySql website. ErikEJ Efcore timesout if the sql query takes moer than 2 minutes Feb 07 2020 MySQL has the capability to filter and log slow queries. So failing to understand why its taking so much time. May 20 2020 update mysql update oracle update query in mysql update query mysql update set mysql update sql update sql user password update sqlaclehmy sqlalchemy. 0 and earlier you can specify the destination for the slow query log by specifying a file name to the log_slow_queries option for example mysqld log_slow_queries var log mysql slow_queries. Introduction. If you are developing the software yourself you may wish to check the queries against a development database with sample data as you are developing. UPDATE setup Aug 19 2013 When a query cannot make use of an index the MySQL server has to use more resources and time to process that query. UnevaluatableError Cannot evaluate BinaryExpression with operator lt function like_op at 0x03CF1DF0 gt update sqlite3 data python update statement mysql update table mysql To take a database offline SQL Server must have exclusive access to the database. APPLIES TO Azure SQL Database The query editor is a tool in the Azure portal for running SQL queries against your database in Azure SQL Database or data warehouse in Azure Synapse Analytics. Enable Log by slow_query_log 0 OFF or 1 ON and slow_query_log_file file_name system variables. Dec 11 2013 Start by clicking on the quot Column Filters quot button in the lower right hand corner of Figure 1. Oct 02 2008 This procedure is taking long time to complete about 5 hrs for 250 records in cursor. They would take 400k bytes of space. the number of records are 5 Laks to update. That 39 s incredible savings we 39 re seeing here. Please provide I 39 m running MySQL 5. Prior to MySQL 8. log and then see what line takes what time. You could do it just before creating a new connection. These can be configured in 2 ways at runtime using the admin interface preferred at startup using the dedicated section in the configuration file ProxySQL supports maximal uptime by allowing most variables to change at runtime and take effect immediately without having to restart the daemon. 6 with default configuration and binary logs enabled. 15. This page is only slow if i use the website after long periods of time. The time to acquire the initial table locks is not counted as execution time. Jun 25 2017 hi all i have a performance issue with my power bi file. It will help you to understand how SQL Server internally executes a query. The delete query has a join to a derived table which is the linked server query. The query is doing a remote scan using API Server cursor. update_all is so fast for ten thousand records that it barely registers as taking any time at all. 60. Another approach is to update the data in smaller Sep 03 2014 I don t use mysql_close in php after making database request. March 31 2017 2 00 pm. They are not the issue. For example if your form has 10 combobox controls that take a long time to fill split the form into multiple pages using the PageBreak control. 0. 2. Because the Update command is more used than the Insert Add new row command for the API the API and DB server are constantly dealing with connection errors for requests that stay open for too long. In the following example you can see how a full expression is used to produce the query by building a string in which the table depends on a variable vars. quot Set long_query_time to the number of seconds that a query should take to be considered slow say 0. Jun 22 2020 Simply add the following line to the configuration file long_query_time 5. Note that Jdbc driver read only mode will refuse to run modification queries in MySQL DataGrip will show a cautionary notice if you use the DELETE or UPDATE statement without WHERE clause. Feb 07 2011 MySQL delete is very slow and takes long time in Linux Unix by Prabhu Balakrishnan on February 7 2011 I recently had an issue with mysql database and the database has grown too large about 200k records and i was needing to delete all junk and needless data of approx 50k rows in my table. Oct 29 2017 For long running queries it will help you to get an estimate on how much more time the query will take to complete execution. To change this interval type the following command replacing X with the time in seconds SET GLOBAL long_query_time X By default the slow query log file is located at var lib mysql hostname slow. 19 Apr 2018 For the sake of simplicity I 39 ll assume no concurrent updates are being made. nextval quot in the insert table stage as I 39 d probably be at this for a long long time . Table Update on my Designer is slow too. Here the userID is also the primary key but still the query has taken about 19 seconds. Feb 09 2017 Update query taking long time to execute dear tom i am using a query that update a column of one table. 22. 5 and NDB Cluster 7. Up to a few minutes on a local setup. Feb 26 2020 It forces the result to be put into a temporary table. 7. In mysql a long connection means that after a successful connection if the client continues to request the same connection will be used all the time. key. To answer 2 I would run mysql from within a bash shell through a screen session. Display the table list and rows of selected table. The easiest way to filter at this point is to filter based on command duration. SQL Server uses memory to cache execution plans to save time the next time you run the query. DELAYED was introduced in MySQL Version 3. views ol_vidviews Bulk updates are new to HQL with Hibernate 3 and delete work differently in Hibernate 3 than they did in Hibernate 2. We disable it otherwise we risk that we might time out while waiting for the buffering to complete. Data. We made the decision to transfer all the queries to the back end server and use the autoload to transfer data to VA. c quot Y quot I 39 ve changed the names of the tables and columns but the query is exactly the same. Also it takes more time to process each record in cursor. This website provides you with a complete MySQL tutorial presented in an easy to follow manner. I 39 ve checked explain plan of all select update statements including cursor but the cost is low for each of them . The time complexity is constant because you select one arbitrary row from the table. SELECT Apr 07 2008 If you have a query SELECT FROM users LIMIT 5 10 let 39 s say running SELECT COUNT FROM users LIMIT 5 10 is essentially free with MyISAM but takes the same amount of time as the first query with InnoDB. Global Variables The behaviour of ProxySQL can be tweaked using global variables. 2 Solutions. Sep 28 2020 In a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 cluster environment the SQL Server service takes a long time to stop when there is a high load on the server. The other day I noticed several hung queries SELECT statements on one of the MySQL database servers under my control. 0 the meta data data dictionary was stored in flat files called . You run a query in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and the query optimizer generates an execution plan that contains the Top operator. long_query_time if a query takes longer than long_query_time in seconds that query is logged. Nov 25 2016 1 It takes CPU time to figure out how to run a query. Jun 03 2014 On a large table this could take a long time either way maybe even longer than the 4 or 5 minutes you 39 re seeing. Cumulative update package 8 for SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2 10. Fyi the table is InnoDB and has 14000 rows. If you 39 re ever disconnected when you reconnect simply run Jul 15 2016 My data source is a SharePoint Online list. mysqld only log after SQL statements has been executed and after all locks php mysql query output in json array php mysql reactjs php mysql select php mysql timestamp format php mysqldump terminal php mysqli connect err0r php mysqli_query php pdo sql server connect php sql connection php sql insert php sql insert into if not exists php sql last 10 rows php sql server connect php update mysql phpmyadmin CHECK A materialized view is physically stored on disk and the underlying table is never touched when the view is queried. Jan 22 2015 Tracking MySQL query history in long running transactions. Removing index on the column to be updated. . How can I update first 100 rows then next 100 until full database is updated The way I do it now it by using simple update query directly in phpmyadmin below. Jun 09 2006 I noticed that mysql is highly unpredictable with the time it takes to return records from a large table mine has about 100 million records in one table despite having all the necessary indices. This is my SQL Statement. the file is running in virtual machine. that took more than long_query_time seconds to execute and required at least min_examined_row_limit rows to be examined that do not use indexes are logged in the slow query log if the log queries not using indexes option is specified Apr 06 2012 The executing portion is only the time it takes for mysql to execute the query and it returns the data as it gets it. 0 0 UPDATE user_sessions SET tid 39 S 39 WHERE idsession 39 S 39 I am very surprised to have so many long queries for such a simple query with no locking. But duration query is still not doing so good we can see the possible_keys list has the composite index we added but for some reason it is not using it. Aug 26 2016 SQL Server UPDATE Query with Issues using the Linked Server If I do an UPDATE on the bit column this takes 30 seconds to complete. timeout happens in servlet some time. However it is rare for the requester to include complete information about their slow query frustrating both them and those who try to help. upto almost 2 hr and sometime more also. I 39 m running 5. 6 seconds . Jun 14 2020 Hi Kasper222 I apologize for that. Dec 06 2017 By default php configures its mysql client libraries to fetch the entire result set of your query into memory before it lets your php code start accessing rows in the result. The wait can be long and it may not be possible to ask each user to disconnect. Nov 05 2012 In fact the query execution time is a little bit longer the pg_sleep function was waiting 15 seconds but PostgreSQL had to spend some time on query parsing execution and returning proper data. no noticeable increase in how long it takes to run an UPDATE query after adding the indexes. 40s 1470s Lock 0. Sounds complicated but it 39 s just screen mysql You can edit your . Strongly depends on an index on datea to get the portion of the data with datea lt mdate fast. That 39 s not too long but we can do better. 27 sec Records 307359 Duplicates 307359 Warnings 0 Iwant to update a table with one go on online system. Applies to MySQL Server Version 4. which will close off any old MySQL connections. Query s I O overloads the db making for other queries run slow. name ol. unable to kill and exit a large insert query properly. Open is very slow in worst case taking 15 seconds to open. There Nov 01 2011 A query takes a long time to complete. Display the statistics and process list of connected server refresh automatically . May 15 2012 What exactly takes long You should SET COVERAGE TO your. e. I 39 ve looked at other answers on here and all of them take a very long time as well. Normally the query finishes within seconds but once in a while the queries pile up and the processlist starts to fill up with this specific query causing them to take about 300 400 seconds per query. I was just trying to add a column called quot location quot to a table main_table in a database. Rick James. Check if the database is also slow or it is performing well . 1. Jan 25 2017 MySQL DBA can use this script to take necessary steps against the bad and long running queries which increase the overall performance of MySQL Database Server. 37. If used MySQL can free the table locks early and takes less time to send the result set to the client where it may take a long time. I am using index for all necessary columns. FROM LinkedServerTable INNER JOIN LocalServerTable WHERE LinkedServerTable . The command I run was ALTER TABLE main_table ADD COLUMN location varchar 256 The main_table contains MySQL Query taking a long time to execute sabecs asked on 2011 08 03. Now the reason that the plans are different is the question. This will display a list of threads with corresponding ids and execution time so you can KILL the threads that are taking too much time to execute. Re Newbie Average Time on Server query typo fix Re Newbie Average Time on Server query typo fix Re selecting fields with NULL RE The best way to transfer data to another server Re GROUP BY ORDER BY clauses Re How does a multi row INSERT work Apr 2005. Hi It shouldn 39 t take that long. That 39 s a long time and many IOs. 4. The show processlist command shows the MySQL process IDs. Any suggestion to reduce the query execution time is welcomed. INSERT DELAYED only works with ISAM and MyISAM tables. Once the data is retrieved the temporary index would be dropped in the background. To track how long the Controller takes to start run the following command from the computer terminal during startup repeatedly at two minute intervals until the Controller UI is accessible echo quot select time info from information_schema. Nov 04 2017 Lost connection to MySQL server during query November 4 2017 Posted in SQL This is kind of a silly and duplicative post but I spent too much time searching for the right answer so maybe this will help the right course of action bubble to the top faster in the future. 05 29 2020 5 minutes to read In this article. In the SQL query an UPDATE statement writes longer to a table than a CASE statement because of MySQL. 2. This table should get one new line every second from a transaction group. Method 1 Taking a Backup of a MySQL Table Using LIKE I have a quite complex query using seven joins over three tables that sometimes takes an unusual time to execute. Updating Data from nbsp 12 Mar 2017 According to internal testing results at Yandex ClickHouse shows the best performance both the highest throughput for long queries and the nbsp 16 Dec 2015 To play along at home you can grab the code for most of these examples from but then fetching updating those values from the database behind the scenes The query generated takes a long time to run but looking at it nbsp 3 May 2017 With MySQL 5. its source is excel file. SELECT nbsp 4 Sep 2017 The MySQL documentation has some INSERT optimization tips that are worth LOAD DATA INFILE is a highly optimized MySQL specific statement that to the time it takes to transfer the data from the client to the server the nbsp 1 Jul 2010 Often times we rush the optimization in order to meet those The long answer is phpMyAdmin gives us a chance to see if we need to Another great table to check for query performance takes a look at Update me weekly. Note This post is continued from the previous part. May 09 2018 The move to a new transactional data dictionary in MySQL 8. So if the table contains 10000 users and suppose 1000 users concurrently playing this game then just think how much time will take this function and thus this will decrease performance of your application. 00. Aug 18 2014 I have a mvc . Live Query Statistics provides a visual representation of a progressive execution plan. UPDATE in Batches. However it 39 s recommended to be 39 tuned 39 . I am running an update query on a table that contains approximately 1. It provides a diagnostic view that shows how long queries take allowing you to gauge its real world performance. If I call for one years data this is fine but if I call for 5 years it takes for Aug 21 2018 Status query is now 24ms which is 65 times faster than in the start. Oct 30 2017 slow_query_log var log mysql mysql slow. Dennis Yee. During this time it makes for a lot of I O. It can not be used for subqueries or following UNION. 90 minutes later all the while claiming that it was renaming results table . mysql_fetch_assoc would return an associative array dictionary containing the results of a SELECT query like so Jul 20 2004 For a long time when MySQL did not support transaction its critics complained that it was not ACID compliant. Share So why is the query taking so long to run Time to bite the bullet and drop the index 19 Aug 2013 If the site 39 s problems could be database related it may be time to check up queries that add change or delete data would then have to update all of the With this script you can filter the log for queries taking more than X nbsp 3 Feb 2016 You just want to disable the goddamn query cache and it takes forever read 5 10 minutes to shutdown not to mention the warm up time. Either way all of those updates are taking way to long. Oct 25 2017 We made a test and the same query that were taking more than 3 hours running in VA Query Builder now takes just 2 min to run on DIS. That is reason for the difference in time. innodb_buffer_stats_by_table IMPORTANT Measuring how well a MySQL is doing can be tough most metrics are simply proxies for actual performance. log long_query_time 1 log queries not using indexes 1 The above should be added to the configuration. Getting your results as a dictionary. processlist where command 39 Query 39 and user 39 root 39 quot lt controller_home gt bin controller. Query must be written in the proper manner. EXPLAIN FOR CONNECTION is a new feature and using this we can find query execution information about a running query connection. Each tutorial has practical examples with SQL script and screenshots available. Mar 27 2020 Earlier this week I took a look at using an INNER JOIN within an UPDATE statement in MySQL in order to copy data from one table to another. An important thing to notice is that although some of the query text is dynamic quot SELECT FROM vars. evaluator. If you plan on logging slow queries for an extended period of time it is Make sure to update the below with your server name. To restore the database you must create an empty database. MySQL Server 5 Comments. There are various ways you can investigate these but the most common and efficient way is to use the slow query logs. Above option will set the slow or long query limit as 5 seconds which means MySQL will capture and log all SQL queries that took longer than 5 seconds to execute and finish running to the log file. I activated the log option to see the queries executed and I realised that the update in some cases make it to the server but with all parameters with value NULL. DROP TABLE and TRUNCATE takes long time to execute in PostgreSQL. how can i get rid of this and improve the performance of my report. id_occurrences SELECT SUM IF id MySQL query is taking long time after index is rebuilt but then works fast why 1. Here is the link in nbsp 13 Jul 2011 Check the Cardinality of Your MySQL Indexes. This may seem surprising but it makes sense if we understand that canceling our Context means canceling the SQL query in the client not in the MySQL server. Is maybe an effect by plex like overwriting Edit I tryed some tests and opened a RDS on AWS and switched the connection direction from outside server to aws DB. Quickstart Use the Azure portal 39 s query editor preview to query an Azure SQL Database. It s not a big deal until the query has been running for an hour. Moreover about 1800 threads that had become stuck waiting on the alter were sitting around on our Mysql process list. If your query takes a long time to run a materialized view should act as a cache. I can 39 t seem to find why they would be slow when all other UPDATE queries nbsp 1000 results This process takes time so we encourage you to refer back to this chapter Finally we look at some places MySQL doesn 39 t optimize queries well and The query updates each row with the number of similar rows in the table 1 May 2017 MySQL has a built in slow query log. So the 0. . Please nbsp 14 Sep 2017 This query updates 80k rows and takes around 60 seconds to complete and the more rows updated the longer it takes which results in timeouts. just a SELECT FROM abc statement with no M Steps at all Jul 24 2018 long_query_time time in seconds microseconds defining a slow query These directives are set within the mysqld section of the MySQL configuration file located at etc my. Mysql update large table too much long time. Oct 14 2020 The index update and Sort operation together take 64 of the execution cost. Log files can consume a large amount of disk space. Issue The simple query finishes but it takes a long time to run. Oct 01 2017 Inserts on indexed column with non null value may take some additional time. Oct 13 2016 While the root cause could be attributed to a poorly written query or underlying storage system outage it usually would take a long time for MySQL database servers to recover. This modifier can be used only for top level SELECT statements not for subqueries or following UNION. You can do so by using the SQL UPDATE command. To use it open the my. Indexes take the data in a table and organizes it in a way that makes data much easier to locate. I introduce the notion of self throttling queries queries that go to sleep by themselves throughout the runtime. I updated the data setto clean it up. The data keeps on increasing but a very slow speed. Isn 39 t there anyway I can optimize the query even a IS NULL is in it As I said it is a big query so I desided to only show the troublesome part. My table is bound to a MySQL Table with a query. If you 39 re ever disconnected when you reconnect simply run The Query shows only 100 characters of the Query. The same long connection time. The Performance Dashboard and reports allow DBAs to easily view overall server performance and various reports provide views of IO hotspots SQL statements Network Data Engine and more. 7 and 5. Apr 30 2019 As of 8. An index can speed up a SELECT query but it will slow down INSERT UPDATE DELETE queries because they need to update the index as well not just the row. But Updating the Table on the Linked Server is taking quite a long time. DB Server is running MySQL 8. with db. After the filter window Aug 13 2019 We can update use sp_updatestats to update all statistics in the database. Showing the time it takes for each statement type to complete each time the PreparedStatement which allows for reusing some resources. Nov 27 2012 The thread did indeed change to a killed state rather than a query but that killed state was still there 30. This takes quite a while to be executed. Last Modified 2012 05 11 This MySQL tutorial explains how to use the DROP TRIGGER statement to drop a trigger in MySQL with syntax and examples. Insert and update row. Apr 22 2008 Many people have had this experience. This example is overly simple but even still it will benefit from an index. Am I missing a much simpler way to achieve the same result quot UPDATE table2 table1 SET table2. Pl help as it is prod env. To guarantee durability of data InnoDB normally flushes log changes to disk at every transaction commit. It also takes time for the update to be logged in the transaction log. The LOW_PRIORITY takes effect for the storage engines that use table level locking only such as MyISAM MERGE and MEMORY . By default long query time is defined as 10 seconds. Thankfully the Percona build of MySQL allows you to see exactly how long your queries are taking. the records inserts or updates 9rows sec. By default when the slow query log is enabled it logs any query that takes nbsp 16 Dec 2015 Paul White SQL_Kiwi spends some time optimizing update queries in order to explore some SQL Server internals. pls let me how to make it to complete quickly. Following is the simple If you compare the actual query plans between the two statements I 39 m sure you will see differences. 6 if you are running a statement in one session that is taking a long time to Jul 31 2006 This article is the second in a series on how to use the innotop MySQL and InnoDB monitor. The MySQL BETWEEN condition is used to retrieve values within a range in a SELECT INSERT UPDATE or DELETE statement. SQL_CACHE Oct 12 2006 Each individual query according to the mysql command line client takes 0. However examining a long slow query log can be a time consuming task. 4316 Cumulative update package 1 for SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 3 10. The Query interface now contains a method called executeUpdate for executing HQL UPDATE or DELETE statements. Jan. Now if you run the query the process no longer involves scanning the entire list of pictures. you can do that using parallel query with nologging on most operations Our current process is very slow sometimes taking a night long to complete for say nbsp 1 Mar 2020 For more long term profiling of queries or to implement an queries are taking too long you 39 d need a breakdown of how much time was spent within and UPDATE constructs with a small degree of ORM based automation. More complex thing happens for updates. These type of queries are not really common yet here s one such an example SELECT TOP 1 t. 00s 0s Rows 0. Luckily MySQL comes with a simple way to fix this once you 39 ve identified it. This is just personal opinion I 39 ve got no facts to back it up but I think that if there is a query that is taking a long time and an index would speed it up go for it Mar 03 2014 In this tip we will take a look at how to find the percentage complete along with the estimated completion time for long running operations that are currently executing. Throwing things onto a graph helps. The average query time may be fine but if that is based on some queries executing super fast and others very slow it will still result in unhappy users and customers. Windows 10 Checking for Update Stuck or Taking Too Long Time FixUpdateIssue CheckingforUpdate Windows10 Facebook Page https www. The Tables LAR_PRODUCTS and STORE_RANGE_GRP_MATCH are physical tables and contain a record count of 432837 and 103038 respectively. 51 Windows XP SP3. The last join gave me this Query OK 0 rows affected 37 min 16. This can be easily overcome by setting a higher value for innodb_buffer_pool_size. Feb 27 2018 Another use case imagine that you have a customer he says the MySQL server is very slow and running a query takes a long time etc. Regards Rodrigo Apr 06 2011 Sometimes I want to trace transactions that have taken long time to execute. The problem is that as the tables grow the time it takes to INSERT the data is increasing. 25 seconds to do the update when there are only 1200 rows in the table and 7 seconds to do the update when there are 600 rows int he table. Restart the mysqld server without log update Re execute the commands with mysql lt update log. It 39 s a query I run regularly it normally takes between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the server load and sometimes longer if the servers are busy but then it normally just gets killed by quarry 39 s 30 minute limit. Aug 05 2014 Investigating PHP MySQL sleep attacks. orm. It ll get even worse when you need to return additional data along with the results from other tables. update table1 set field1 field1 1 where id 2229230 Query OK 0 rows affected 42. a table1. Slow query log is not activated or on by default MySQL installation thus it EFcore TimesOut when executing long time taking queries 9513. 1 64bit OS Windows 2008 64bit Jun 16 2015 When your table gets really big that scanning starts taking a long time. To summarize I partially can not repeat the bug partially do not see any issue with query taking so much time. The database dump could take some time to complete and if something goes wrong and you need to restore restoring the dump could equally take some time to complete. Depending the way you define parameters in the UpdateParemeter collection the update queries do not make it to the MySQL server. Bad scripting causes delay as well. Update. Eliminating fragmentation. I am using MYSQL and have four tables that I am using to create a fifth table. This will modify any fi Oct 16 2017 updated to latest version of MySQL Connector Driver originally was the version PowerBI recommends gt no change re installing clearing cache of PowerBI Desktop gt no change simplifying the queries gt small improvement but still taking ages even if I import a raw table e. i was trying AS and Set Tempvar and strings thinking it couldn 39 t be done with the set syntax. Dec 29 2009 query execution in the production taking long time. Feb 23 2011 Imagine you had 20 000 rows. 22 2015 Given a long running time of say 1 second we can do the following. 6 it finish in less than a second but on MySQL 5. This is added alongside the Data Dictionary upgrade DD Upgrade which is a process to update the data dictionary table definitions. 0 latest with thread priorities removed. Dec 11 2013 It gives you a variety of information about the long running query including the most important factor duration. Posts 1. Oct 25 2012 Cumulative update package 5 for SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2 10. The query is below UPDATE TBL_TABLE_A SET FLG 1 WHERE ROW_ID IN SELECT ROW_ID FROM TBL_TABLE_B no INDEX defined on any table or clmn. update for executing UPDATE queries. Use non standard MySQL extensions to make the two step process more efficient. It does through each object statistics and performs the required update. See the Tips on latencies section and try invoking the Lambda function twice to compare cold and warm starts. Database maintenance sys. MySQL Forums Forum List A simple update query taking long time. It works with SELECT DELETE INSERT REPLACE and UPDATE statements. 20 and removed in MySQL 8. table the WHERE clause is still using the best practice of defining the WHERE condition using input parameters in this case Oct 31 2017 To see the running threads use the following command in mysql command line interface SHOW PROCESSLIST It can also be sent from phpMyAdmin if you don t have access to mysql command line interface. With SQL Server Profiler you can filter the data capture called a trace so Jan 17 2014 Update Statistics using a SQL Server Maintenance Plan. cnf file and set the slow_query_log variable to quot On. MyISAM MySQL 5. Why can it take so long to cancel a the problem is I am worried that it will take a long time too in the production the database in the production has less rows which is 33 million rows but however it is still a big database. To deal with this you can go to your server and query the following variable This is a common problem when you use MySQL for logging and you also periodically run SELECT and UPDATE statements that take a long time to complete. The slow query log can be used to find queries that take a long time to execute and are therefore candidates for optimization. when i refresh the file it takes 7 8minutes to load the data. It takes 5 mins and some times it crashes Update tracks Inner join ol_vidviews ON tracks. To update cached values at any time for a given table use ANALYZE TABLE. To kill the query being executed by a thread but leave the connection active yes MySQL even allows such fine grained control use the KILL QUERY command instead followed by the appropriate thread ID. But the SQL language and in particular MySQL 39 s dialec. the issue that when I tried to apply changes to the query update the data set it takes forever. I want to update and commit every time for so many records say 10000 records . Hi I have a post session SQL UPDATE statement which is taking long time more than 1hr. With MySQL 5. When I open the query from the Objects of the database it runs in the normal time no problem but I use this query to collate info for a graph and the graph form is called via a form that asks for begin date and end date. frm files are in an arcane format that is long past its use by date. To verify if the query cache is on you can use two variables query_cache_size This value is the amount of memory allocated to the query cache. UnevaluatableError Cannot evaluate BinaryExpression with operator lt function like_op at 0x03CF1DF0 gt update sqlite3 data python update statement mysql update table mysql To check each user s rank you first retrieve all records from mysql query then using a loop you check what the user s rank. mysqldumpslow parses MySQL slow query log files and summarizes their contents. though i am using it parallel. 7 some queries are running very slow taking abnormally long time in statistics state. I 39 m using 6. From Process Explorer I can see that Excel is running around 12 CPU during that period. Hibernate will then collect some internal statistics about each session like the number of performed queries and the time spent for them or number of cache hits nbsp Batch data deletion and updates This takes a very short time. My table refreshes every 5sec so I get 5 new lineas displayed at a time. This column is indexed. May 09 2017 This is feasible but sometimes not practical. All hung queries had in common they were running for a very long time. UPDATE LinkedServerTable SET column value. Hi my query is taking a long time to run. facebook. 16 the mysql_upgrade binary is deprecated but its functionality is moved into the server. sh login db Update. May 01 2017 MySQL has a built in slow query log. different every time you rebuild the database I would recommend simply updating the changed records. The information_schema_stats_expiry session variable defines the period of time before cached statistics expire. Anyway I would suggest to use LOAD DATA INFILE syntax so that MySQL can perfectly manage CSV files. I noticed that my query takes long time only the first time after the MySQL reboot lets say 3 seconds than also if I change some parameter and I don 39 t reboot the MySQL is faster lets say 0. Must of gone to the wrong set of sql statements or I had another table lookup that blocked the update. This can be changed by long_query_time server variable. cnf and will require a MySQL service restart before they will take effect. Or a day and a half. The Python DB API doesn t have a mysql_fetch_assoc function like PHP. Insert Into curournpack datea vou accno accname nar folio amount cr SELECT datea vou accno accname nar folio amount cr From curournbox Where datea lt mdate. My problem is that the query for the player 39 s stats takes a long time 3 8 Seconds delaying the opening of the GUI. You will be able to collect actual metrics about the The query time is very slow even I modified the mysql config and restart the db server but no effect on it. 1 and later Information in this document applies to any platform. It is possible to update records manually in a database table either via a form or through the tables datasheet however this may take a very long time. I wrote a joined query by joining around 5 tables to summarize the report based on Branch Time amp type of transaction. But try updating one or two records and the thing comes crumbling down with nbsp I 39 ve built a rather complex model that combines several data sources SQL server MySQL Google big query and one excel file. select count app_flg from test Folder Our Team Count taking long time mysql To check each user s rank you first retrieve all records from mysql query then using a loop you check what the user s rank. The default is 86400 seconds 24 hours but the time period can be extended to as much as one year. Any help would be appreciated thanks. If you have AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS option turned on for the database the query optimizer will automatically determine when statistics might be out of date and then update them when they are used by a query. com MeMJTube Whenever the records insert or update it is taking very long time due to the SequenceOracle Stage. Nov 29 2018 Query taking longer time to execute have many parameters to look into for it s better performance. 0 has made this task a lot easier for us. net4 website connecting to mysql on page load i run a query which cannot be avoided for which MySql. May 20 2020 Any time a SQL query is interrupted while inside a sql. one of the query in the production taking almost 40 minutes instead seconds where it used to but interestingly the same query in the development server just took 5 seconds to execute. As you see all commands are in TextData column and all Execution time for each are in Duration column respectively. screenrc file to add captions at the bottom of the screen session so you can keep track of your tabs rename your tabs etc. This way slow queries can easily be spotted so nbsp 6 Nov 2013 I recently had to perform some bulk updates on semi large tables 3 to 7 offset 0 size 1000 while True rows query 39 SELECT FROM tbl LIMIT in the record set and the further in the table you get the longer that takes. It can be stored in either file or in tables General and slow query logs only . Thus an update query runs faster if the column to be updated is not an index key column. But the query is very costly and taking huge time to complete. acctNumber d. 4326 I have a problem with a number of users including mine where Excel files take a long time to load. Mar 16 2014 Why does MySQLDataAdapter. I am using JSP servlet concept. I checked in the debugger the server is processing rows and is not blocked while the query is running. 35 sec mysql gt create database sakila Query OK 1 row affected 0. than 10 rows they can considerably reduce select query execution time. MySqlClient. If you start a new project you ll need to add MySql. Graphic Design. Then run your code and any query above the specified threshold will be added to that file. You can see the query plan looks drastically different. visual studio 2015 update 3. indexes takes time too and can slow down deleting updating and inserting considerably. In this scenario the query may take a long time to run. First let us drop and recreate the sakila database by executing the following command. MySQL has a SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS option which tells InnoDB to calculate the number of rows as it runs the query which can then be retreived Aug 25 2008 Optimize table After large UPDATE or INSERT DELETE operations or long time tables are blown up and contain a lot of unused space. Posted 2011 10 06 11 16 09. Select some code and execute only that selection. tested on 2 679 888 records The STRAIGHT_JOIN hint is useful when MySQL doesn t choose a good join order or when the optimizer takes a long time to decide on a join order. We are retrieving the last insert id which causes an additional query to be executed in some cases. In below script I set 59 seconds internal to find long running query since last 59 seconds. 00 seconds before and after optimization so if I didn t profile that query I wouldn t have an effective way to optimize it except watching it run for a while which by the way does not count as profiling . December 05 2013 12 11PM Re A simple update query taking long time. First normalize all database tables even if it will involve some trade offs. You need to determine first if your slow query logs are enabled. Jan 31 2011 If you ve used MySQL s mysqlbinlog tool you ve probably seen something like the following in the output exec_time 0 What is the exec_time It seems to be the query s execution time but it is not. To speed up table reads the Primary key was a compound one ID Time . In order to create relationship nbsp 25 Apr 2018 One feature shared by both MariaDB and MySQL is the slow query log. I did a simple test on my P4 2x3GHZ with 2GB RAM. The query that now generates most slow queries is the following see result from mysqldumpslow Count 433 Time 3. FIX It takes a long time to restore a database in SQL Server 2008 R2 or in SQL Server 2008. Oct 06 2011 Cancelling Query taking a long time Author Topic denis_the_thief Aged Yak Warrior. Kill MySQL Process by ID. Its the simplest update statement one could write Update TableA Set Column1 39 0 39 . I only have about 4000 rows of information and about 25 columns but the data does not update even after 3 4 hours. MySQL provides a way to log slow running queries that meet certain criteria. For the large databases it might take unnecessary longer time and system resources as well because it performs a check on each statistic on the object. Sep 25 2019 The below query is taking a lot of time in executing i. 24ms is an execution time I can be happy while having 780k rows. Getting Started. I 39 d assume the update should be InnoDB is a pretty good engine. If the tables are now again corrupted you have found reproducible bug in the ISAM code This can for example be useful to see how evenly the query time is. The hoster did not wait that far and blocked my site for a few minutes when I checked all the boxes and sent me a message quot MySQL server has gone away quot . i have created many measure using the excel data. You can update the values in a single table at a time. newsela pro says June 18 2020 at 11 12 am . All bugs arising in the previous builds have been continuously removed and a very stable version is provided after every update. MySQL allows multiple table updates which can be used to mark which rows are duplicates during the UPDATE eliminating the need for an exclusion In our MySQL slow query log the cumulatively slowest query is a simple update to wp_postmeta. Feb 25 2014 Update SQL query is taking long time to execute We are using the below query to modify the transaction ID on the table and this transaction ID is primary index on the table through ETL job. For example you run a query that resembles the following Roughly 4 million inserts every minute. Use the indexes if possible. 4. Mar 18 2009 From the previous part I have successfully connect to world database on MySQL Server from VB. Same if I open that page as a client. Just when IS that query going to finish anyway There are actually a few ways to estimate how long it ll take for the query to complete depending on what the query is. There are two scenarios that may occur also combined update is done on indexed column. NET. UPDATE performance_schema. I need to use this statement within a procedure hence the concern. My db is innodb I have a tags categories and actors table that have an id and the tag or categorie or actor . When using a maintenance plan for update statistics by default quot All existing statistics quot are selected. or with quot FLUSH QUERY CACHE quot or quot RESET QUERY CACHE quot between queries but the result is always that queries seems faster after the first time. Create multiple consoles to manage lots of queries at the same time. Is there any point to using it doing while doing a insert or update query like MySQL has very stable versions available as MySQL has been in the market for a long time. Feb 27 2020 Commit Takes Too Long Time Doc ID 1925395. Mar 19 2018 If you are testing a query other than the simple example that was provided see the Tips on running longer queries Also try the simple query that was provided. You can easily use and modify the software. 1 Last updated on FEBRUARY 27 2020. When you re talking about a query it will run in constant time if it requires the same amount of time irrespective of the table size. Jun 16 2015 When your table gets really big that scanning starts taking a long time. Hopefully in the future I will be able to fix the converter to work properly with the if statement. By LK . 9 Jun 2006 The times for full table scan vs range scan by index Shell In MySQL the single query runs as a single thread with exception of MySQL My problem is as more rows are inserted the longer time it takes to insert more rows. 27 seconds in Sending data is the amount of time it took to both retrieve the data from the database and deliver it to the requester. Hi All I have a simple update statement that goes through a table of 95000 rows that is taking too long to update here are the details Oracle Version 11. In case of unordered PM key inserting the engine can take a bit longer time than MyISAM. It is much more common to see this issue when the parameter is used in the WHERE clause. SELECT MAX_EXECUTION_TIME 1000 status count FROM articles GROUP BY status ORDER BY status Or you can set a session wide or global timeout See full list on severalnines. If you are already in there and waiting for any problems or you have some really nasty queries taking upwards of 30 minutes to evaluate yes we had a few then you can use this method. using MySQL Query Browser local connection 127. 01 sec mysql gt These are simple statements and PDO has the shortcut methods query for SELECTstatements and exec for INSERT UPDATE DELETE statements. Count taking long time mysql Add to cart. from peewee import chunked Insert rows 100 at a time. A mysql query is taking a bit too long and I don 39 t know why. The real operation is not be performed synchronously with the kill command and afterwards MySQL may still need some time to clean things up properly. In this section you ll be getting started with MySQL by following 5 The first query where we update each individual record one at a time takes almost 14 seconds. Feb 17 2014 This can be a bit tricky because by the time you get SQL Server Management Studio opened and are ready to run the query you may have missed the problem. 7 you can now use a new optimizer query hint to configure the max execution time of SELECT queries in Milliseconds. If some users or processes connect to the database when we issue the command the process will continue to execute until all users and processes are disconnected. When I run this query in 5. set examcenter 39 39 quot result conn gt query sql SET innodb_lock_wait_timeout 5000 nbsp Model. Consider the following mysql_ code. For statements that take in variable parameters you should use bound parameter methods to execute your queries safely. Let s call this functionality the server upgrade . In most cases the exec_time will be similar to the query execution time on the server where the query originally ran. Using SQL Server Profiler I think it 39 s a easiest way for you to trace track Which Stored Procedures Or SQL Commands Are Running On SQL Server and how long it takes for each of SQL Query Stored Procedure execution. This allows you to present only the controls needed and can reduce form load time. After some expected growth on our service all of the sudden some updates are taking extremely long time these used to be pretty fast until the table reached about 2MM records now they take about 40 60 seconds each. This is pretty effective in the data warehousing case where the underlying data is only updated periodically like every day. Client Poll Rate is at 250. Feb 09 2018 Slow Query Log Records of queries that takes a long time to execute. Time amp Dates in Excel. Learn more. Can connect to MySQL server via SSH2 Port forwarding. The MySQL database server is very fast reliable and easy to use. In the latter case the thread will spend a lot of time in Statistics state and adding this hint will reduce the search space for the optimizer. g. FROM t. That s where MySQL indexes come in. This INSTANT ADD COLUMN patch was contributed by the Tencent Games DBA Team. Here s the situation you are trying to update a table and every time you issue the query it hangs until it times out and tells you the lock wait timeout was exceeded. If a transaction is holding row locks for 30 seconds all other clients requesting locks for the same rows will be blocked for up to 30 seconds or will get Lock Wait Timeout errors if you set innodb_lock_wait_timeout lower . I know i tried it before because i tried every permutation known to mankind. When I include the quot seqname. 5766 2653893. The . But when I tried to run the query it is taking quite long time amp sometime results in no response. 5 million rows. The query has other IS NULL statements but they doesn 39 t hit the speed no way near as much as this one. Scan call the driver overwrites the underlying MySQL connection buffer and Scan returns corrupted data. Once you have created a trigger in MySQL you might find that you need to remove it from the database. 7 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 7. 1. very long time. log. MySQL has different log files to record server activity. MySQL supports two modifiers in the UPDATE statement. For a MyISAM table that uses dynamic row format updating a row to a longer nbsp I 39 ve worked with mySQL for years but I only learned what was immediately There are as you can see at this time 943 rows. 6. This can take a long time to transfer a large result. Here 39 s an example UPDATE wp_postmeta SET meta_value 39 1392835505 386 39 WHERE post_id 94705 AND meta_key 39 _edit_lock 39 Relevant details on our setup MySQL slow query time set to 1s wp_postmeta 39 s storage engine is InnoDB I 39 ve tested this update and it takes 1 minute 26 seconds to do the update when there are 2400 rows in the table. A Microsoft Access Update Query updates specified values in a table for all records or for those records that match a specified criteria. I also have a vids table that has an id then the url of the video. This unused space can be partially reclaimed by optimizing the table again. It does seem to be dependent on the size of the file sheets links etc and I have just waited 5 minutes for one to load. name SET tracks. Can nbsp An update statement is optimized like a SELECT query with the additional multiple updates together is much quicker than doing one at a time if you lock the table. It didn t take long to break. power to INSERT UPDATE and DELETE data from any table on the server. You can reduce this activity by either disable your slow query log or decrease the frequency of slow query login Azure portal. MySQL 5. Therefore we recommend not to use it. Rows . Set slow_query_log_file to the path where you want to save the file. The database version for your Aurora MySQL cluster has all the DB engine features and bug fixes that your application needs. The first time you run a query using the view SQL Server has to compile an execution plan to figure out the best way to run the query. This will use some extra time as index must be reached and updated too MySQL UPDATE Query There may be a requirement where the existing data in a MySQL table needs to be modified. Nov 27 2018 This query will scan the whole table row by row looking for matches against the like_clause. I have already mentioned them but repetition is the mother of skill so let me say that again With large trx logs and big innodb buffer pool InnoDB takes long time to shutdown often 10 15 minutes or more Right after a restart query performance is crippled for hours until the server warms up. mysql gt drop database sakila Query OK 24 rows affected 0. To complement that post I wanted to take a quick look at how an INNER JOIN can also be used in a DELETE statement to allow for the deleting of records that are constrained by a cross table relationship in MySQL 5. Now if you deleted 19 999 rows there are 20bytes of useful space in the table but MySQL will still read 400k and data_free will show 39980. Welcome to the MySQL Tutorial website You will learn MySQL fast easy and fun. We can modify the update Statistics Task to update quot Column statistics only quot as show in Figure 11 Feb 21 2006 It could lock the tables for a long time with large datasets and like all two step processes it is not transactional. The testing cycle for the cluster and associated applications takes a long time for each update to the Aurora MySQL database engine. Scripts to automate it The scripts I used for generating and inserting data are checked in at GitHub . 21 Aug 2018 The idea is If a query takes longer than a certain amount of time a line will be sent to the log. The index IX_ParentKey cardinality is 830k. Fill takes so long for the first time. 496 Views. The query I am using is USE the_db UPDATE table1 JOIN table2 ON table2. The WHERE clause is very useful when you want to update the selected rows in a table. In MySQL 5. Create and drop table. vidviews. Here is the situation. Feb 26 2016 During performance troubleshooting it can be helpful to know which queries are taking a long time to return a result. Dec 14 2012 Consider the following scenario. And I have 3 one to many tables that link the vids to the tags categories actors. while. In the slow query log the lock time is also 0 and the rows examined are also 1. We can run the kill ID command to terminate them. Muntaquim Bagadia. On DB server is running a plesk system. A slow query is defined as a query that takes longer than the long_query_time global system Set time in seconds microseconds defining a slow query. As we all aware about the EXPLAIN command of MySQL Server which we are using to find a query execution information. both the environments are same WRT user contention. In this post I will show a couple of ways to take backups of tables in MySQL. 3. 100 Fresh Quality Guarantee and Free Cancelations Up to 30 Days Before Event. Consider using multi page forms separated by the page break character. Figure out how to enable the MySQL slow query log with this detailed guide the slow query log to help determine which database queries take a long time to run. 20 have_query_cache is set to NO query_cache_size returns an empty set query_cache_type returns an empty set Here is the update query UPDATE Documents SET OperationId 39 xxxx 39 WHERE SourceId 12345 AND ParentKey 39 0965b3983ceb0e8e41ab47b53e37d0f3 39 This query updates 80k rows and takes around 60 seconds to complete and the more rows updated the longer it takes which results in timeouts. When you have millions of users this will take a long time. cu This MySQL tutorial explains how to use the DROP TRIGGER statement to drop a trigger in MySQL with syntax and examples. It 39 s called optimize table. update query taking long time mysql